DIY CNC with dremel

(Louis) #1

Anyone built or wish to build one of these?

(Chanelle) #2

I’m interested! Wanna do a build-along?

(Louis) #3

I think we should arrange a time to all meet and discuss further…

(Pete Hellyer) #4

I’m also keen. I saw this a few months back and thought it would be an interesting group build! Happy to handle the finances if we do one!

If memory serves me correctly, there are a few parts of this build that would be very easily replaced with more robust sheet-cut parts - also the spindle could easily be replaced.

(David Santoro) #5

I’m interested in this project

(Zeine Daoudi) #6

I’m interested too

(David Cushing) #7

Me too!

(electrotech) #8

Sounds fun +1