Discourse updated - New features and bug reports

(Tom Newsom) #1

I’ve applied some long-coming updates to DIscourse. New features include:

Improved advanced search

Group Listings

(You can get at this from the “burger” menu, top right by your profile circle)

And then you can see who’s in each group by clicking on it

Calendar Link

This is just some simple scripting but there’s now a button for linking to the events calendar. If you want editing rights to the calendar, just ask.

Any bugs?

Or questions or strange behaviour? Let me know!


(Emmanuel Lazaridis) #2

Hi Tom

The calendar link now takes me to a discourse topic from 2015 with a link, but when I press on it the calendar comes up blank.



(Tom Newsom) #3

Fixed :slight_smile:

(or rather, fixed the link. Calendar embedding is currently broken :frowning: )