Did you pay for the ply? Lasershop

(Petra) #1

Hi guys,

Just a mild bump to people who put ‘I owe’ note to the laserhonesty box and reminder that if you don’t have cash on you you can stick a note into the box saying how much you owe and pay when you can. it is important to know so noone freaks out about not knowing where did the material go.

I am curious now about eta 10 sheets of plywood. Anyone?

If you use material for any workshop repair related work still put a note into the honesty box.

@memsysadmins - members ?


(Charlotte Couttie) #2

I didn’t put a note in – but I owe money for last week I was going to chuck in cash tomorrow when I’m at the space for the meeting :slight_smile: Sorry I didn’t leave a note

(Petra) #3

Thanks Charlotte! :slight_smile:

(Tom Hedges) #4

Pretty sure I owe a fiver - hoping to come to meeting tomorrow, so will add then. Thanks for the reminder, and apologies for not leaving an IOU.

(Chanelle) #5

I owe £8.50 forgot to add a note this time should be down tonight or tomorrow.


(electrotech) #6


(Robin Baumgarten) #7

I haven’t paid either yet for the custom ordered plywood! Should be 10 sheets. I also ordered the large 3mm ply sheets, which I won’t need!

I’ll pay as soon as I’m back in 9 days, or I can also PayPal someone!

Edit: paid!

(Petra) #8

It’s all good! I should have made a note, forgot about that one, sorry. Do when you’re back, no rush.

(laurent_muchacho) #9

Fyi prusabuild group as paid for all there used ply :grinning: