Cutting a bathroom tile

(David Santoro) #1

I have a bathroom tile that doesn’t quite fit. Is there a tool in the space that cuts through tiles?

(Dermot Jones) #2

There was a tile cutter belonging to @joeatkin2 in the snug…but we had the big clear out so I don’t know if it’s still there

(Jonty Bottomley) #3

Of course it’s still here! Bring your tile down!

(David Santoro) #4

Awesome, I’ll be there Wednesday. Is it dangerous, will I lose a thumb? :slight_smile:

(Jonty Bottomley) #5

Not if you set up and use it properly! I’ll try be there, what time do you reckon you’ll be in?

(David Santoro) #6

I’ll be there at 7pm ish

(joeatkin2) #7

I will buy you a pint if you manage to aputate with it .

WI’ll not cut flesh remember to put watter in it