Custom settlers of Catan board

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Hello all,

I’m looking to start a new project and fairly new to the makerspace and woodworking so looking for advice/collaborators if anyone else is keen.

I am planning on making potentially three custom Catan board game sets for family members this Christmas (starting early but think it’s a project which will lend itself to a rinse and repeat approach).

This this is a good starter project because it involves cutting out hexagonal shapes in hard wood, hand engraving or using the laser engraving machine (I don’t know much about this!!) for the symbols, making small wooden pieces for settlements and roads as well as making a custom simple wooden box to hold everything in.

I plan to cut the hexagonal board pieces from different hardwoods to get different colours, then trial a few different methods for the engraving:

  • dremels on the compressor to engrave then fill with coloured resin
  • Lazer engraving
  • branding

For the other stuff I plan on using AI image generation, high quality printing to create the cards required.

If anyone wants to join forces please let me know. I am currently inducted with the basic woodshop induction but nothing else! So looking for someone who might be able to help with engraving.

Any advice welcome!




Hey @Tim_Britten

One of my first CNC projects was a desert tile


I don’t know if this would be helpful to you

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