Craft/Textile social - Beginners Sashiko - all welcome

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Our craft/Textile social will be a bit different this month. - a beginners Sashiko embroidery night. Everyone welcome - member and non-members.

Sashiko is a traditional Japanese embroidery technique used for decoration and clothing repairs.

We will have all the materials you need to get started on the night and will be there to show you how. It will be first come first served but we’ll try to have enough for as many people come!

Date: Tuesday, November 1st, 2022
Time: from 6.30pm to 9:00 pm (we’ll start demo for 7)


Yes please! I have been want to try this for a while! :slight_smile:

I will be there to try it. Looking forward to it.

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Yeah, looks like a great session, Will try to make it! Thanks for organising!

I’d love to come!

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Nice! Best wishes, I love using sashiko to mend my clothes :slight_smile: I’ve had a sore throat so if I’m not there wish you the best

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@HelenM and I would like to attend.
I may arrive a little after 19:00 depends how quick I get out from work but Helen should be on time.



That’s fine - it’s not a class and will be easy to join a bit later.

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Just a reminder that this is today - hope to see some of you tonight.


Hi Tracy, I’m so sorry I can’t make it in this weather - I was hoping to cycle but its around 40minutes and doesn’t look like its easing up.

It looked like a great session!

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Thank you Tracy for yesterday night :orange_heart:, it’s easier than I thought​:joy:, and it was so much fun to chat with all of you, I’m glad I came.


Thank everyone that took part in the Sashiko evening last night - especially coming on such a miserable night. I certainly enjoyed it and I hope you did too!

Apologies for my terrible photos

These are the sites I mentioned where you can ready more and download templates - and there are plenty more online and on YouTube:


Thanks for organising this evening, it was fun to try something different. I’m interested in seeing how this embroidery moves into invisible mending.
Looking forward to next months meeting to learn other things.

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Thank you so much for organizing. :smiley:

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Thank you again for organising this! It was great fun! So many of us in the photo, all focused and concentrating on our stitches!