Craft and Social Meetup! March 15th from 6.30pm - Open to Non-Members!

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Now to be a regular event - looking at every 2 weeks.
After our first two successful meetups, let’s do it again! Thank you to @Julia for organising them.

Are you into crafting?
Textiles, sewing, knitting, crochet, felting, weaving, quilting, spinning, macrame, lacemaking, embroidering, cross stitching, tatting, dying, applique and many more!

Come along to our Craft Meet Up at the Space! Anyone is welcome from total beginner to expert!
Bring your projects or just yourself…This is as much social as it is about crafting :grinning:


Date: Tuesday, March 15 , 2022
Time: from 6.30pm (drop in anytime)
Location: South London Makerspace,
Arch 1129, 41 Norwood Road,
London, SE24 9AJ

It is in the railway arches, behind the Costcutter, next to Canopy Brewing…

See you then!


Adding a few tags from previous posts to who might be interested in coming: @Amanda @mounia @Lauren @ValValB @Verde @KPJ @MattGilmour @mbg @Lily_Atkins @CatHulme @petra


Thank you Tracy! I am indeed interested and I’d like to come !

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Oh fantastic!! Thank you so much! I’ll be there! Looking forward to it!

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I’ve a sewing project, is it okay to use the Janome for the whole time there? We’ve like two machines, wondering how it’d work if all of us want to sew something. I’ll try joining this Tues.

See ya!

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Should this be added to the calendar?


Hi, maybe not the whole time? I am not sure who is coming but it would be good to have things available for several members especially if someone wants to learn how the machine works.

@Amit_Kohli is Laure coming coming as well? :grinning:

Hrm… I don’t think so… my Life-In-The-UK test is Wednesday and we’ll likely be cramming, but I’ll tell her! @Laure_Belotti, come to this thing! It’s next Tuesday.

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Odd, Ill join if we get more machines as Id enjoy social textiles evening when working on a project. Someday! :slight_smile:

There are machines in the back storage room. Could we start to go through them to see how they run? Am happy to help with this on Tuesday.


Yes! It would be nice if textiles did something with those machines, not sure where they came from or the status of them, but they are not helping anyone in the snug!

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Hey there! Julia and I actually started going through the snug machines on Thursday! We have at least two working machines now. Plus the overlocker that’s out.

I’d love to talk to any textiles-minded members on Tuesday about what they want for the space. I will also be starting a separate discussion to see who else wants to be involved in getting that area stocked and organized.

Looking forward to meeting you all Tuesday!


Thats great! Thanks for the update!

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