Cot refurbishment (advice request)

(matthew inman) #1

As some of you know I and my partner(than) have decided that 50 is the right time to grow the family. And we now have a new born in a crib.

However a crib leads to a cot and than has just the thing… her cot from 50 years ago! which she has refurbished, to a point. And this is whats lead to this project refurbishing the cot end’s

Essentially its a 1" thick hardwood frame faced with 3mm plywood, which has delaminated on all but one side.

The obvious option is to simply resurface the frame with 3-4 mm plywood. unfortunately plywood out here if a bit crap, its three ply with the core layer being 70-80% of thickness, they really do like formaldehyde glues for their non marine plys. the marine plys look a bit rubbish and than has been exposing the wood with the rest of the refurb.

what than would like is to have these panels covered with teak or similar wood. We have visited the local wood market and they have 100mm wide wood available in 7mm and 25 mm(the frame thickness) thick planks.

to me (naively) there seem to be three options:

  1. face the while side with a 7mm panel made of 100mm planks.
  2. fill the two panel holes with 7mm panels
  3. fill the two panel hols with 25mm panels

I believe that shrinkage/expansion will be a serious issue. relative humidity varies between 60-80% during the seasion of the year and for a 66cm teak panel this could cause a change of 5-6mm.

suggestions for what to do and how serious expansion/shrinkage will be and how to manage it… would be best way to manage it.

It looks like there is a local makerspace, with a cool name, table saw, thicknesser, jointer and router table

(Howard Batchen) #2

How about <9mm strip/beading/quadrant around inside edge, 7mm boards loose then quadrant round other edge. That way panels are held in place but can move

(Howard Batchen) #3

Tongue & groove the panels if you can so gaps don’t open

(matthew inman) #4

ive managed to find some teak planks that are about 32"x1.5"x4", my partner is keen to use these to simply fill in the frame.