Cordless drill/impact drive recommendation?

(Daniel Sikar) #1

I’ve budgeted £70 for a cordless drill or impact driver with chuck adapter. Would @woodtechs or anyone else be able to recommend a make and model?

(Mark Johnson) #2


Save up £50 and get this set ;

I have the same set , small, light ridiculously powerful for their size and reliable.

Cordless drill is good for drilling holes , assembling flat pack furniture, and putting screws into soft wood , rawlplugs, and occasional hardwoods.

Impact driver is good for putting screws in only ( will not be any good as a drill.)but I personally use the impact driver the most. But could not be without either of them.

Neither will be suitable for drilling into masonry.

(joeatkin2) #3

Agreed, this black and decker set is pretty good at that price point

(Rich Maynard) #4

Thirded. I have this set too and it’s done some serious work in the new house.

(Robert Kiggins) #5

I just got the Makita 18v drill and driver for £150 from B&Q seems like a pretty good comparison.

(PaulY) #6


(Dale Connolly) #7

Got a makita set. Think they’re a bit more heavy duty than the ones listed on this thread and as such cost a lot more. However, can’t really go wrong if you stick to the trusted trade makes (makita, dewalt etc). Their ‘budget’ ranges will still be better than most other makes. Definitely worth paying a little extra for a decent make. Remember the old adage:
You buy cheap, you buy twice.

(Edwina Nolan) #8

@lewisss Hey Mark, reviving this thread as looking for a drill to do some bits about the flat with. Does your recommendation of the DeWalt still stand?

Re: Your point about masonry drilling - Was looking to hang up a couple of picture frames (some walls are solid) - would this be able for that kind of work or would you recommend buying a hammer drill(?) too?

Cheers in advance!

(kevin) #9

I’ve been using DeWalt drills for years and found them to be great, but most of the big brands Makita etc are equally as good. For your needs a combi drill (one with a hammer function) would be fine.

(Edwina Nolan) #10

Hey @kcg Thanks so much for the help, really appreciate it :slight_smile:

(kevin) #11

Happy to help, I would add that there is little point in most people getting an impact driver unless you plan on doing some serious work, large lag bolts or deck screws etc. Drill works fine to screw anything you’re likely to need to do around the house.

(Rich Maynard) #12

On the other hand having something to drill pilot holes and something else to put the screws in is always handy

(Dale Connolly) #13

This :point_up_2:
So much easier than constantly swapping drill bits and driver heads.