Concrete casting and bench

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Hello, it’s my first day actually making at SLMS and I could use some pointers. I make small scale (few inches tall) concrete models using 3D prints and silicone moulds. Where would be the best place to for me to do this? Can I use a bench in arch 2? Should I book it? And is there a place where can I leave the silicone and concrete to set when I leave? Thanks!

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Welcome Eyal.

@directors- is there a suitable space Eyal can use?

Cheers folks.

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Hi @Eyal

This is a good activity for the messy room, aka the one in arch 1 with the metal and laser… you can set aside with a note+discourse name while it is drying best to avoid these types of activities in the woodshop in arch2 unless you want sawdust in it!

You should book the screenprinting/assembly area.

Hope that helps!


That’s great, thanks!