Computer vision drone project. Electronics advice

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I have been looking to follow in the footsteps an online course :

They recommended an American brand of drone a “DJI Tello”. I have been cautioned that there may be issues with charging the batteries due to the differences in how UK and US mains work.
Seems like a stupid question but will a plug adapter suffice or will i need some kind of compatible charging dock or transformer ?

Where would you buy it from?

The difference from US and UK electrics is they use 110v we are on 230v we used to be 240 and Europe is 220,

However the drone is likely to be run on lithium ion batteries, which will hold and be charged with a much lower voltage via a transformer.

If you can find out the charging requirements, you will be able to find a uk charger to work


Reading through the DJI Tello manual, the drone has a standard Micro USB port in the side of it that will also charge the battery you inserted into it. The DJI website also sells a battery charging “hub” that supports charging three (3) batteries at once which also uses a standard Micro USB input.

Both the manual for the drone and the charging hub indicate they do NOT sell a USB charger with their products so you would be expected to supply your own USB charger anyway.

The manual states their batteries have a capacity of 1100 mAh and the charging time is approx. 1.5 hours, so grab yourself a USB charger that can output at least 1 Amp.


Managed to Pick up one now from amazon from a UK seller including a USB charger I think.
So hopefully this will work.

Thankyou Daniel for consulting the manual that was very kind of you. Will be sure to refer to it if i have future issues.
Your advice concerning amps of the plugs is also very reassuring.

I bought the DJI mini II as a gift for someone so can testify for the brand somewhat if you have any questions there. It came with UK charging kit. Did not try and robotics work, they just use the human controller – quite interested on this front (robotics) if you want someone to collaborate.