Compostable wood shavings

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Hi @woodtechs, I’m on the lookout for a bag of clean wood shavings if anyone is planning to make some soon, or knows of a bag already tucked away somewhere. Thanks so much!


I noticed someone is collecting them already. There’s a marked bin under the wood lathe.

Incidentally, are you familiar with permaculture?

some people also collect it for there bee smokers …

Took a small bags worth from the bin under the large, thank you!

Also, the wood shop is looking super! First time I’ve been down for long time and I have as very impressed. I hope to become more of a regular again now that term has started again.

I was sure we’d set some aside for you… Was there anything in the snug?

Possibly I’m misremembering, but that bin fills up quick so I’m surprised there’s not more!

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I also saw a huge bag in the snug.

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Yes thanks there is plenty. I need to build a hopper to store it in and then I’ll come back and take some more. Thank you!