Come help get Makerspace COVID-open - Saturday 25th July call for volunteers | from 10.30am

It’s So…we’re tantalisingly close to being able to get making again – albeit under very different conditions than we’re used to…but maybe we’re getting used to that kind of thing now?

We have just about everything we need to reopen but we need a team to spend a day decluttering, tidying, cleaning and sanitising – clean, simplified working areas will be easy to maintain and safe and efficient to work in

We have strict occupancy levels for working in the Space so we do need to know who’s coming. There’s a range of tasks across all areas – also including setting up sanitising points, signage, and shifting timber outside and starting work on the alfresco-making area

Depending on people’s availability we’re happy to sort out short shifts as follows

10:30am till 2pm
2:30 till 6:00
Maybe a later shift…?

Let us know if you can make it – members who help the reopening effort will get early bird access to bookings!

With a successful push on Saturday we can start booking some sessions

Bring a non-valved mask (we can supply if needed)

Let us know if you can make it by replying below or editing this WiKi

And please be on time for safety induction

Add your name below:

Morning shift:

Afternoon shift:


I can be available on Saturday - definitely in the afternoon, possibly the morning too.


I might be able to make it in the afternoon


I’m coming too, early shift works best for me.


I will be able to make it - 11am-2pm


I can do 11-1.30


See you then Afshin! :grinning:

I can help - ideally in the morning but can be flexible. Thanks!


Err, so I drilled through gas pipe …engineer is coming around tomorrow to repair it, I might have to leave the session early, waiting for his phone call in the morning with his ETA

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Ugh…I did that once – angle grinding a wall…

The call out is bang in middle of the session, it’s in Guildford : (
Fingers crossed I’ll be back in London next weekend for a day.

Yes, sounds of hissing gas and the smell is not good for the nerves!


Huge thanks the the dedicated team that descended on Makerspace today and transformed it…

More photos and more details to follow…right now I need a beer…

For now: the outdoor workbench as designed on the fly by @Giles_Mould and @DavidB


Wow talk about being out of my comfort zone. I am usually all about details and accuracy, so this was a real mind blower. Thanks to the rest of the team and David who got the brunt of my incessant talking.
The idea with the bench would be to add another two by four immediately below the existing top rail thus doubling the available clamping area. Then attach two by fours onto the front of the legs itthus bringing all the front flush and providing the ability to clamp work flush to the top. It will need braces across the bottom of the legs and sides obviously. The top will need bracing so the top doesn’t flex. The one area where I would suggest we put some effort is the top. It needs to be clean, smooth and flat. We could glue two of the planks available together to double the thickness. Two parallel rows of dog holes and a flush top, apron and legs and you would have a very functional bench; no vice needed. I would really like to hear any other ideas but remember the brief is to make the bench from the pile of wood outside the space.


Oh yeah and we will need to counter sink the screw heads on the front of the bench so we can clamp to the front without marring the work.

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If we were to make a top by gluing two planks together ( to double the thickness) we would obviously have to plane and thickness them but it would get us a decent top, good enough to hand plane upon and with a nice enough surface not to mar the work being attempted. I would not bother edge joining the boards I would opt for just screwing the separate planks down.

Using non rusting bolts to brace legs and runners…outdoors the wood will contract and expand and bolts allow for tightening or relieving some of stresses. A good coat of yacht varnish to protect it from the elements.

That would work. We were winging it with what was available at the time. With regard to the top, if as David suggested someone had some sheet goods (or even scaffold boards)we could glue two sheets together, resulting in a decent quick top. The other route would be to plane and thickness those boards in the pile. Rip into two inch strips and glue up into slabs. The side rails could be trimmed down to fit the dimensions or we could fill any gap with a rudimentary tool slot, rack, well.

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You guys did a great job, rough and ready is fine for where it will live and be used for.

Check with techs but believe it is only virgin wood in the planar and thicknesses, …risk of hidden screws and nails and the blades are expensive.

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It’s actually surprisingly sturdy without the bracing

The plans for it to be a very versatile ‘no vice’ bench are exciting

We’re keen to reuse old materials, but can buy stuff if needed

We have Osmo oil for a breathable finish if desired no

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What do you mean when you say it’s a no vice bench?