Combi drill battery replacement question

So… I’ve found a couple of my old 18V combi drills, but the NiMH cells are shot (at least as a pack)

I could simply replace them like for like (about £24 a battery)…or go the complex way of lithium…or something else

Any thoughts? @electrotechs

I make it 1.5 Ah X 1.2V X 15 cells = 27Wh for the current battery?

Buy Lidl 20v battery and charger, 3D print an adaptor!


Haha - exactly my situation: 18V Makita drill. Someone on eBay was selling a 3D printed adaptor for £20 which required you to cut the base off the drill. That’s not available any more. I left the two sticky-outy cells in the pack as they help to hold in the contacts, soldered some thick speaker cable on and put some ring crimp terminals on the other end which you can slot into the contacts on the Parkside “20V” batteries and they are held quite snugly. Although it’s no longer a cordless drill it’s still a mains supply-free drill and lighter. Make sure you don’t get the polarity wrong or it’ll probably blow up the speed controller.


Pick a battery system you already use and adapt it!

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Here is Bosch and Makita… I am sure there are other makes available…

£3.76 31% Off | New Upgrade Battery adapter for Bosch For Makita 18v dock power connector With 14 Awg Wires Connectors Adapter Tool Accessories

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The trouble is that combination of makes doesn’t include Makita and Parkside!