CNC Lathe - Frame Build

Description of storage request
CNC Lathe - Frame Build

Storage Location
Next to wash bay

Start Date
2nd January 2020

End Date
30 April 2020


This is a very long storage request. Is there a reason the build needs four months? It would be useful to add that information.

This area is intended as an assembly area for active projects in the final stages of construction – usually a table or bed that’s being glued/finished for example. So there needs to be a good reason for a project to be there, as everything else should be stored in the Snug

Also: can you add dimensions so we can work out the feasibility of this for the Messy Room

I expect it to take two to three months the rest of the time is contingency

It about the same size as the dalek (slightly wider) and wont be at the arch nearly as long, Calum has used the same space for a scale also similar in size and other bit in the same place

It needs to be laid out as it is worked on (it is a as built construction) to fit the bits used rather than a prescribed design