CNC Dust Collector

Hi @CNCers!

This is super cool! Thanks to @Federico for making it!

This is a vacuum adapter that is 3D printed to fit our Isel desktop CNC and direct the suction to the cutting bit, we have needed this for a while!

This is the initial prototype, he will be making some adjustments and printing a higher quality version, stay tuned!


That’s excellent! @Frederico Thank you!

Not sure it was mentioned but @Julia hinted that if the nozzle is too small it can make the hoover overheat (on high power mode) because it’s engine works too hard.

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@frederico looking great mate

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Hi guys,

I’ve changed the dust collector yesterday with a new print.
I tested with a rough clearing pass on hardwood and i’d say… It’s better but not perfect.
In order to clear the dust efficiency the nozzle should be even closer or in an enclosed box ( as the big cnc), we cannot have that in the mini as it would compromise/reduce the milling area.

Let me know if you find any benefit while using it or if you have any idea to improve it.

During inductions we should remember members to remove it while changing the tools and put it back in position before cutting ( i tested and there is enough room to change the tool with the dust collector in position, so I’d say… It’s a"good to know" for inductees that they can move and reposition it).



Super stoked to try it hopefully soon! Very well done Federico, awesome work!

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Any feedback? Should i change anything to the design of the dust collector?


I think it’s pretty good! Used it the other day… definitely helps a lot!

I’ll give you some feedback after my induction Wednesday. Thanks!

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