CNC Bits

Hello @CNCtechs
I’ve used the big cnc yesterday and notices some of the bits are a bit worst for wear.

Is there any plans maybe to get a few new ones into the system? Or maybe a pledge drive ?
Or to replace some of the ones we have and are dull?

We always top up a bit here and there. Is there a particular bit you need replacing? We have budget to sort some out here and there but a bigger order probably needs a pledge drive.

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well personally i only used the flattening bits.

But like the big bit that’s there is not in the software i don’t really have the experience to do my own speed and feeds but it would be nice to be able to use it.

A few of the flattening bits are chipped or dull. (like the 10mm 4 flute one was really dull).

A pledge drive is good if more people need more bits. but like even if i buy one i have no idea how to add it to the software or how to do the feeds and speeds for it for example :smiley:

The 10mm 4 flutes is there for historical reasons… It was there was when started and still there. 4flutes it’s more for ferrous materials, but don’t mention that to the @metaltechs or they will ask it back for the metal milling machine… Metaltechs don’t remove our lucky charm, the all cnc enclosure is holding on that.

We have a 8mm and the 12.7mm ( half inch) that give good results and a great 6mm compression bit.

Which one have you used?

Oh i don’t want to say but it had 4 flutes and it wasn’t the 8 or the 12.7 :smiley:

So use the other ones sorry about that i didn’t know.

Can we program that big clearing bit in as well?

You haven’t ruined the spell of our lucky charm, have you? Is the enclosure still standing?

And… Yes potentially we can set the clearing tool, but for what?

To clear all the cutting boards i never get a chance to finish :smiley:

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