Clearing out some bits and pieces

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I am clearing out some things, free to anyone who is interested:

  • Various power adaptors (not pictured):

Canon 13.5V DC 1A
Unspecified 12V DC 800mA, euro plug
Hewlett Packard 30V DC 400mA
Hewlett Packard 13V DC 300mA

  • 10 x plastic project boxes, with screws. 75 x 50 x 25mm. See pics.

  • 4 x piezo impact-sensitive mats (I think), pictured folded in half. Each one is about 600 x 180mm. Untested, I’ve had these lying around for ages and I don’t think I will ever use them.

  • 4 x Muji CD / DVD holders, each one will hold 20 CDs.

I am in the market for a 12V AC power supply if anyone wants to do a swap.

I can leave these outside my house for a covid-safe pickup.