Clear desk policy - thoughts?

(Dan Le Blanc) #22

I’d be fine with a clear desk policy!

(Dermot Jones) #23

Yes, if @woodtechs agree that, as @CriticalTolerance has suggested

(Zachary De Santos) #24

This makes sense, but I’m not carrying my project to costcutter when I go to buy a sandwich

(electrotech) #25

Sorry to be so nit picky but…

The current 3 week bins aren’t suitable for their intended use due to their weird and very unstable shape.

Jonty had a cool idea for them to be built into something much better. Figured I would put a pin into it here for discussion. @Jonty_Bottomley

(Dermot Jones) #26

Imagine the conversations that would spark…

(electrotech) #27

Bobby would enjoy it I think

(Zachary De Santos) #28

Having cluttered zones like we have had meant that someone couldn’t put their project down at break time, so we would need people to take more stuff home regularly to create somewhere to go between desks

(Dermot Jones) #29

Yes, project storage is also going to be monitored to see how it’s used, and can be best used

The clear desk policy is to make sure all working areas return to emptiness when someone finishes their session – of course a lunch break is fine, but hard to see leaving stuff overnight as acceptable…but let’s see what people come up with

(Zachary De Santos) #30

Thanks yes I think a clear desk policy is how we’d like to find it.

(Chanelle) #31

Could this be extended to the kitchen surfaces aswell. There are a few members that prepare meals and leave the area in manner that means you have to clear space to make a simple cup of tea. Due to food, pots and utensils being left on surfaces. Granted it is usually dealt with when they leave but often this can be early hours of the morning or even the next day.

It would be nice if we all had the response to clear the area once we have finished using it there and then.

(Pete Hellyer) #32

every surface in the space :slight_smile:

(laurent_muchacho) #33


(Esther Gladstone) #34

Totally behind this and a clear walkway policy too… being on crutches really brought this problem to light…

(Paul Court) #35

@electrotechs are fully behind this too.

3 bins a must (don’t care where they are as long as we can use them)

Only issue I can see is left out tools. We can’t throw those out but it’s a problem too… withdraw door rights for repeat offenders? Just a thought…


(Jonty Bottomley) #36

In principle I’m in favour. Practically to transition towards this we need first to define the space we have;

  • Draw labels, inserts for tools, etc. and a space manual with the floor plan of each room, and a complete run down of what lives where.
  • If tools are left out it generally highlights lack of an intuitive place to put them away at the location of use rather than laziness. We need to sort this first in my opinion.

If it were up to me I’d have 4 bins. The existing 3 week system and one for tools that people don’t know where to put - making homes for those that appear here regularly.
Historically the three week bin system has been 3 bins full of rubbish rather than being used for it’s intended purpose.

I’d also recommend building a unit at the end of the brown couch for these, two shelves, two bins per shelf, labels on the front and no lids to maintain ease of access and cycling them round freeing up the space in front of the door for it’s intended purpose as a coat rack…

Did anyone spot / nab the Kaizen Laser foam left to the space by @Twm for use by the @electrotechs? Not spotted since the spring clean where it was at one point out on the clean room table.

(Tom Hedges) #37

I am entirely in favour. Suggest plastering notices on every surface (temporarily), so that there’s no excuse of ignorance.

(Tom Hedges) #38

If you’re looking for laptops, I believe my office has some fairly recent Lenovos available - just need hard drives. Good quality and well looked after. £50 donation to a charity of your choice. Let me know if interested, and I’ll get model numbers.

(Andy Sanderson) #39

First victims of the clear desk policy… please come save me from the 3 bins!

(Dermot Jones) #40

Definitely worth a look!

(Dermot Jones) #41

Yep. Techs in each area need to make sure they have the shelf/drawer/storage they need to maintain clear work surfaces

Labelling and intuitive storing must play a part in this…don’t think the label machines turned up…so new one might be needed

We had a 3d point cloud scan of the Space done last year…gives an option for a virtual walkthrough, and you can label locations of anything useful