Clear desk policy - thoughts?

(Fred Witting) #42

Are we not supposed to know because we got it out to use it?
But because this isn’t always the case in the real world I vote for the tubs 100%.
I imagine a “clean desk” is to dump all items into the don’t know bin for some, so this will have to be assessed again later. Perhaps for consistent offender item group placement education :slight_smile:

(Fred Witting) #43

Happy to come assist in making this happen for more than one space.

(Pete Hellyer) #44

In general. I think an outline policy boils down to this:

  1. Desks must be clear as in completely free of everything once you are done using them.
  2. If you arrive to find one not:
    a) check someone isnt out to lunch,
    b) Put tools away and clear projects into the 3 bin system - if you dont know where a tool goes, firstly ask, secondly put in the ‘dont know where’ box for that area.
  3. Persistant shit leavers around will be stomped on - It is legit to ask who left a desk in a mess.

The same goes for the kitchen, bog, and everywhere else that nice things are supposed to be nice.

(Martin John Finch) #45

For clarification, does this policy apply to the woodshop?

(electrotech) #46

All areas as I understand it

(Pete Hellyer) #47


With the caveat, that clearly if something is drying and is clearly labeled as such; that is probably fine if it is indeed actually drying, and not just abandoned for several days. Either way, if it is sat drying somewhere stupid, move it (this is an extenstion of the overarching “dont be a dick” policy)

(Calum Nicoll) #48

@directors - for clarity is this policy now in effect?

(Dale Connolly) #49

Can we have some more drying forms printed up? That worked really well as it pushed you into declaring all relevant info: name, discourse handle, tel no, when clamps can be removed and when you’re collecting.

(Pete Hellyer) #50

Yes, although I’m not sure who did these before? @woodtechs


(Sarah Jones) #51

Yes I’m massively in favour of a clear desk policy and would love to have labels on every bit of shelf for every tool. I’m sorry I can’t help much at the moment.

(Fred Witting) #52

Can a Director make a membership wide announcement and post for this. After 4? years this will come as a shock to many.

will it be applied to bikes inside too? :slight_smile:

(electrotech) #53

Good point re: bikes

(EdwardBilson) #54

Good question. I have no idea, they just appeared. Mark or Joe?
@joeatkin2 @lewisss

(Tom Hedges) #55

Also, bikes locked to our exterior racks - I think some of these have been abandoned/left very long term. Anyone else think the same?

(Tom Hedges) #56

OK, will find out more and report back.

(Dean Forbes) #57

whilst bikes are clearly allowed inside to be worked on, when they are parked inside they track dirt inside and get in the way (safety issue) - are they allowed inside should they be allowed inside ?

Its more clear space, clean space than clear desk,

(Andrea Campanella) #58

Can someone print a giant announcement to hang by the door please ? Not all the members are on discourse.

(unknowndomain) #59

The last time this came up it was not decided, few people disagreed with banning them from the space however I and others raised the concern of recent thefts at the time and that there was no working CCTV.

If there was working CCTV then there shouldn’t be a reason not to ban bikes in the space, there is no good reason to allow it.

Members objecting were saying they often don’t bring a bike lock, but meh, bring a bike lock.

(electrotech) #60

Rechargeable magnetic trinkets that transmit a signal to the space, alerting upon bike movement… could be a thing ?

(Dermot Jones) #61

Some members don’t feel comfortable leaving their bikes outside

But surely there’s many places you have to leave bikes outside?

This came up at a members meeting before Christmas. Bikes should only be in the Space when being worked on. We’re happy to have a couple of SLMS bike locks if it would help