Clamping a platform to the side of a box

I have a case like this:

I would like to be able to clamp a laptop platform to the side of it for my small 13" laptop (weighing about 1.5kg maximum)…
the side of the box is about 15cm tall, which I think will be too wide for the majority of laptop desk clamps to fasten to… (Also they’re all very heavy).

Can anyone think of some clever clamps/clips I might use to bodge something together instead? Ideally the laptop will be over the case (to stop it toppling the case) and 20-30cm higher than the case.

Just thought I’d ask here in case anyone’s immediately got an idea for a way to achieve this!

If you can draw something it might help us to come up with some ideas?

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Excuse the awful drawing skills, but something like this ideally, so it can be attached to the outside of the box and removed easily…



A friend just suggested this. I think I can buy this or make something similar, and obviously the downtube tube is easy enough to obtain - so really it’s finding the right clamps to be able to attach a pole to the box, and hold 1.5kg that is the issue…

If you can leave the lid on you could just have a fold out shelf

Or a post and shelf that slots into the inside rear of the case

Very rough sketch. Side on view. Tightly fitting slotted onto back board of the box

Maybe with a quick clamp or screw clamp

This might be useful

Or this

thanks, these are all good. I think some kind of clamp as above in the inside of the box I can just slip a pole into might be the answer, or the slotted answer that just slips onto the box!