Check out those janky half lap joints

I pretty much freehanded them with the router because I couldn’t figure out how to do them with the jigs I had available - do you know a way I could do better without any table mounted tools? I know table saws aren’t that expensive but they are bulky…

Square + knife to mark the outer bounds, then saw the cheeks to near depth then route/chisel the waste out?

I don’t think free hand routing is particularly accurate for anything.

Hand tools is probably easiest way to go here but will be some learning /skill involved

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I’m doing something very similar at the moment and having cut the first by hand I’m definitely going to use the router for the remaining three to get greater accuracy. My hand tool skills are, ‘in development’ let’s say.

I’m going to mark it out, run the router base along a straight edge to get the outside cuts bang on then use a bigger 12mm piece of mdf screwed to the router base to act as a wider baseplate that sits on the face of the cross-piece either side, then work across and remove the waste like that.

You can always laser cut templates and use a bush guide if you have a lot to do