Cheap moxon vice leads to overkill

Lockdown 2 project
I have been going back to hand tools and more traditional joinery, and wanted a vice for cutting dovetails. This first one was a moxon style made for under a tenner! 2.4 m of cls from b&q and a pair of cheap f clamps from screwfix.
It has proven so useful I decided to ‘refine’ it slightly
Using some staved oak I had kicking around I purchased 3/4 threaded rods, nuts some bronze oilite bushings and a couple of cast iron weights for dumbbells and added some holes for dogs and planing stops. Then decided there was so much space wasted inside so added a drawer!


This is great! Jonathan Katz-moses has a very similar one which is very nice.

I’m working on a mini workbench at the moment so I can do some woodwork at home. Its going to have a front vise on it rather than moxon screws, but is a similar sort of thing with a small benchtop, dog holes etc. The draw is a nice touch, depending on how I go, I might add one to hold dogs and things.