Cat playground (Circular shelves with flexi ply)

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Hello friends!

Planning to make some cat furniture for my house, want to build these circular shelves with 12mm birch ply and 5mm flexi ply.

Would any @woodtechs be willing to help me using the router for the circle cuts, and table saw to cut the flexible ply? I have used routers in the past so should not take too much of your time, I have not been inducted to use the table saw unfortunately so if anyone will be willing to help me that’ll be amazing.

Would I be able to order the materials directly to the workshop? 2440x1220 sheets x3

Thanks so much


Hey I can’t guarantee I’ll be around to help over the next few weeks but materials can be delivered if either you are there or you can guarantee someone else will be and they are willing to take at the door

You can also use the track saw.

How are you planning on creating the circles? I’m unfamiliar with flex ply :slight_smile:

I’m often there in the mornings, but sometimes in the evenings/afternoons depending on workload. Give the router tool page a read over, I’ll ask you to make some cuts and sign you off on their use if you pass.

Oh yeah track saw is a good shout, wasn’t aware the workshop had one! thanks, I’m cutting the front and back circle with a router and use the flexible ply to wrap around them to make a gusset.

Thanks so much! Will you be there on Sunday or Wednesday next week at all? I will be attending the laser cut induction at 7pm and I’m planning on visiting the workshop on Sunday.

Understood! Thanks so much!