Cancelling Membership

@directors hey, sadly I am leaving London so will be cancelling my membership. Will I need to hand in my fob and will I still have access until the renewal date?
Let me know if there’s anything else I need to do!



Hi Wing,

You don’t need to return your fob and your access will continue until your renewal date when you’ve canceled. There’s nothing else required. I hope you come back soon!

-Kyle, on behalf of the welcome team


@directors I’ve decided to cancel my membership for now. I joined several months ago and I’ve only made it to the space twice. I keep thinking next month… Hopefully I will be able to reactivate my membership when I have the time to make use of it. Thanks for all you do to manage this wonderful facility.

No worries! Let us know when you have more time! Cheers

@directors how do I got about cancelling my membership?