Can I borrow a/the tap set?

(Tom Newsom) #1

I need to install some locks on some steel windows and the locks require tapped holes. I could just have at it on the screws with an impact driver but would prefer to do it properly. Would it be ok to take a tap set home on Saturday and return it on Sunday?

(Jonty Bottomley) #2

There is a blue powerfix tap set in the metal cabinet in the messy room. Right hand side chest height if memory serves.
I’m no authority but I’d say go ahead. @metaltechs?

(Calum Nicoll) #3

Yes this is OK - could you please post here on sunday to confirm you dropped it back please.


(Calum Nicoll) #4

@tomnewsom could you please confirm if you have returned this. Thanks

(Tom Newsom) #5

I didn’t bother in the end. Self-tapped the holes with the screws :slight_smile: