Can anyone help :)


I have some sheets of MDF that are slightly too big for the laser cutter & was wondering if anyone could help me get them cut? I have not had a woodworking introduction yet, otherwise I’d do it myself! I have 5x 700mm x 500mm sheets. The laser bed is 726mm x 432mm, so only one side on each will need cutting I believe!

Thanks so much! <3

It sounds like it might not be laser safe MDF - those sheets generally fit. If not, then it shouldn’t be used in the laser. If it’s not laser safe, could the job be done on the CNC instead?

Only use laser safe MDF in the laser - non-laser safe MDF can contain glues and particulates that can damage the laser and possibly yourself.

If you’re not 100% sure it’s laser safe material do not use it in the machine.

And others. The number of times I’ve entered the space and it smelled strongly of burning/ fumes is, frankly, more than disappointing.

Not aimed at anyone in particular (especially not you, Laurennasrallah), but it’s really not on that people expose the rest of us to chemical hazards because they cheaped out on materials.

I already had you check it! It is laser safe…

It is laser safe. I already had it checked!


I am aware of this don’t worry. I appreciate that you are all making sure that the correct material is to be used, but I’ve had 3 people comment on a post about not using the material because it is not laser safe, when I did double check it with Martyn himself (who has forgotten it appears). Instead if getting help with getting something cut, it feels like I’ve had three men jump on me and tell me off…


When are you usually in?

Sorry you felt that way and I can see why. I did clarify that my complaint was specifically not aimed at you, and I said nothing about your use of it.

I’m very sorry that you felt I was telling you off. It’s great you checked with Martyn. That wasn’t clear in your post and laserable MDF that size is out of the ordinary. That gave reason for a concern that it might possibly not be laserable. Mistakes can and do sometimes happen - we’ve all made them. Where there is a potential safety issue, then we shouldn’t take chances or make assumptions, but err on side of caution. Potentially non laser safe material can give off very nasty fumes such as sulphuric acid or hydrochloric acid which would be bad for your lungs as well as the machine. We want a safe supportive environment with physical and psychological safety and a positive learning environment. Telling people off is absolutely the wrong thing to do - that kind of toxic culture is often a root cause of bad accidents and serious injuries. I’m really sorry you felt that way, but glad you expressed that is how you felt. Posting online isn’t ideal. Please understand that it was better to check that it is laserable since it isn’t the usual laser safe mdf, and if it wasn’t, then there may be other ways to help you do what you want e.g. using the big CNC. We don’t want a culture where safety concerns aren’t raised because of fear of causing offence. We also don’t want to cause offence. Treating each other with kindness and respect really is the key to the space being inclusive, safe and successful.

Just to be clear, I’m absolutely not telling you off for feeling told off. Instead it’s a really good thing you called that out since that’s how you felt. I can really understand that. Even though that wasn’t the intention at all, I’ll now be more mindful that posting like that might come across in that way.

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I am planning to be at the space on Thursday or Friday. What time did you plan to be in?

Thanks for this message, I really appreciate it.

I totally agree that things should be double checked, I think it was more the way it was worded and that I had a couple of people message essentially the same comment, made it come across a bit strong… it came across (to me anyway), that there was an assumption I wouldn’t have thought to check it. I think going in with the approach of ‘Hey, I just wanted to double check with you that you had this material checked with our laser tech team’ would have been a little less assuming. I appreciate though, that messages are not the easiest to convey and that I might also be more prone to taking things in a certain way.

I appreciate that you probably get a lot of people who do not think to check, and you were all taking caution. Like I said, it was not that I don’t think you should do this, I just felt slightly intimidated waking up to three fairly to-the-point comments.

Again, I really appreciate this thoughtful response. Thanks Dan! In future I’ll be sure to clarify a material has already been checked and will try not to get thrown by a few safety-related questions.


You did indeed, sorry! I think by the time I got to your message, I was just frustrated. Apologies.

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& @mbg, I can be available Friday evening this week! Thank you both for offering help!

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Ok, let’s do Friday!

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Perfect! Thank you :smiley:

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Looking to get there for around 6:30pm if that works for you? :slight_smile:

Ok I am already at the space (probably in woodshop or ceramics)