Call out - anyone have a router I could borrow please?

Would be really helping me if there’s a soul out with router. I need to round/chamfer some edges on drawer carcasses and in-built coat hanger/shoe shelves.

I’ve used makita and hitachi routers in the past, on site and in the workshop.

I’ll be buying my own bits.

I’ll be working solo (no one else will handle it), wearing gloves and FFP3 mask and have alcohol wipes to wipe down router before returning it.

Can collect by car.

Stay healthy.

I came to ask you if you needed wifi AC or wifi N was ok as well but I think I walked in the wrong conversation.

Remind about a friend who walked in the wrong forum while looking for help with the LaTeX text editor…


You can borrow mine! it’s in Loughborough junction, can be around tomorrow if that works for you :slight_smile:


Thanks will DM you.

If Rob’s one falls through for any reason you can use my makita.