Cafe Menu Pegboard

Hi, A friend of mine would like a pegboard made for her cafe menu. She has the letters but needs the board laser cut with correct spacing between the holes. Would anyone be interested in taking this project on for a reasonable price?

Example board:


Might be worth considering the big CNC as an alternative, depending on the size and depth of the holes and if we have a suitable endbit. The big CNC would allow a larger size board and wider choice of material for the board (also cheaper than laser-safe). I’m hoping to do some lengthy 3D printing next week so I could do laser or CNC while hanging around for that. Is there a suitable file or specifications (dims of board, dims of holes, number of holes etc.)?


CNC sounds great! The dimensions she’s given are too big for the laser cutter anyway. See below

Board, 450mm x 1350mm.

The centers of the holes 6 millimetres apart.

The actual hole to be 2 mm wide,

A gap of 1 cm around the edge.

If you’re still interested, can you PM me your email address and I’ll get her to email you?

I’m sorry but this should be a cake in the park with the laser, what’s the catch? why don’t you just pop it under the laser and cut it? am I missing something?

The laser might be faster, indeed. The size problem I would consider solving by tiling however many laser size sheets you’d need.

I am not sure but think we would have a bit required for this at the mini CNC and you could put that into the big CNC. @CNCtechs please correct me if I’m talking rubbish here. The benefit is that you could do it in one go but it might take a while. That’s about 300 holes if my math is correct.

What material do you want to use? Happy to help on this

Chris said she wants to use birch ply. Melamine faced MDF might perhaps be a better cheaper alternative for what she wants. Neither are suitable for the laser. Whether we have suitable bits depends on how deep the holes have to be - waiting to hear back on that. If need to buy one for £4 or so, that would still be cheaper when everything is added up. Doing it on the laser and fitting together pieces would also take more work and material than doing on the CNC. Yes, the CNC may take a little longer in terms of sitting back and waiting for the CNC to cut the holes, but probably not a lot, and I don’t mind setting it up and watching over that while killing time waiting for a 3D print to complete. In terms of both appearance and structural integrity, the end result will be better if it’s a single board than pieces stuck together- IMO, better to keep it simple and straightforward rather than mess around over-complicating it like that. If someone else wants to take it on and do it on the laser and deliver what’s wanted and thinks the result will be better, that’s fine by me - that’s not something I’d want to fiddle around doing.

Holes need to be 10mm deep, 2mm diameter. Do we have a suitable bit that can cut that?

Oh well, there it goes the laser option…

And the cnc too with the current tools we have

In order to make the cut a 2mm plunging tool is required

Thanks Federico. Would this be suitable? Do we have collet that size to fit big CNC?

Or can you suggest one that isn’t too expensive?

At this thin shank I suggest whatever you settle on - buy 2 :slight_smile:

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Those are fine but as @Christian said, keep a spare

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