Buying cable mounted male JST XH and PH

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I found plenty of cable-mounted female connectors, and PCB mounted male connectors, but when it comes to cable mounted female connects, like the ones here, for both JST XH and PH, I can only find them for sale attached to cables. I want to buy them on their own so I can make my own cables.

Can anybody help me find them? Or am I searching for something that doesn’t exist?

Thank you.

Like these? Warning, the little metal crimp things can be a pain in the arse - if it’s possible for your project I’d use bare cables attaching into terminal blocks and save the hassle

Those are all PCB mounted or they are the female one, so you can only do wire-board and not wire-wire connection.

I found the answer to my question though. JST doesn’t make cable mounted XH or PH connectors, but some other companies make them. They can be found in Ali Express. This is quite annoying because for wire-wire the way to go seems to be JST SM, and then I need JST SM -> XH/PH adapters.

I always just solder to and shrink wrap the pcb mount connectors if I want a wire to wire connection.