Boardgame evening on Wednesday (6th Nov) after Open Eve 🎲

Hi all!

A few of us are gathering this Wednesday evening after the open evening to play some board games. I’ll bring Mechs vs Minions, but we’re already full up on that one (it goes up to 4 players). If others like to join, I’ll happily bring more games along as well.

Of course, if the table area is too crowded with members trying to work, we’ll play smaller games in the couch zone instead.

Robin :game_die:

Ah, I just saw that this will coincide with the music evening (Music Focused Open Evening Next Week). I guess we’ll find out if there’s enough space for both!

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Yes, it’s likely to be a busy one this wednesday!

@timyates is the music open evening open ended, or do you have a finish time?

Sorry folks. I didn’t realise there was something else on! I’m planning on it being open-ended as I don’t have much of a sense of how many people will be there. At the moment there are five who’ve expressed an interest (including me). Plus the people being shown round for the open evening …

Hi all, :smile: the more the merrier

No worries! I think the board games will start after the open evening has concluded, and we’ll make space for the music.


Great. Should be a fun night!


This sounds great! If I am free, I will pop down. However, don’t make any changes on my behalf as childcare arrangements are undetermined at present.