Boardgame evening on Monday 2nd March from 6pm 🎲

Hi all!

A few of us are gathering on Monday evening to play some board games. I’ll bring a few games along, some of them party games, others perhaps a bit more complex, depending on the number of interested players!

Of course, if the table area is too crowded with members trying to work, we’ll play smaller games in the couch zone instead.

Robin :game_die:


I’m in!

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Hi there,! I’d love to come along and play too if I can? I’m new to the space but not to games!


Hey Penny, absolutely! Feel free to bring a game or two along as well if you’d like and have them.

Hey Robin, I’ll be there from 7

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I’ll be there 6:30!

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I can’t make it tonight - but would be definitely be interested some other time!