Boardgame afternoon on Sunday

Hey all!

This Sunday (15th Sept) I’m thinking of bringing down a few boardgames, mostly light ones, but perhaps also one or two more complex ones, notably Terraforming Mars. If you’re keen to join, let me know. I’m thinking of starting around 4pm.

Of course, if it turns out to be busy and table space is sought after for real work™, we can play smaller stuff in the couch area.

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This sounds like so much fun! I’m jealous as I have family commitments. Enjoy!

Too bad me and @tala703 are busy otherwise we would had love to join in!

Oh amazing! I’ll pop by, and could bring galaxy truckers if there’s interest :blush:

Yeah, sure! I’ve only played the app on my phone, I’m keen to try the actual boardgame version.