Blades restored

I thought I should let people know that I am restoring some of the blades in the woodshop.
I have started with two blades. I took them home because the Tormek is not designed for removing large amounts of metal. It took me half an hour to regrind and sharpen the two blades using fast cutting ceramic grinding wheels. The geometry of the plane blade was messed up and it took 20 minutes to reshape etc.
I am going to gradually work through the worst blades so, if you see a missing blade or chisel, it’s because I am restoring it.
Please be aware that when sharpening, the intention is to raise a burr in the minimum number of strokes whilst actually paying attention to what you are doing regarding the correct bevel angle and the even distribution of the secondary bevel. If you don’t sharpen often, you should expect to have to be twice as vigilant.
I am running sharpening tuition. I start next

week but I am happy to do more sessions if needed. From what I’ve seen, ( and is evidenced by the blades in the woodshop) few people are able to sharpen correctly so I definitely recommend signing up for some tuition.
Let me know here if you are interested.


I’m very interested. I’ve been given an introduction to the Tormek, but tbh when I went back to it, the guides and instruction booklet simply didn’t ‘speak’ my language. So, I left well alone with the intent of doing more research…

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I have replied in the other thread too.
Week after next on Wednesday at 7, is that convenient?

Sounds great @Giles. Thank you very much.

Thanks @Giles, I would definitely be interested in some sharpening tuition too!

That’s great. The Wednesday after next at 7 on Wednesday is pencilled in. I think there are three takers so far.

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Is that Wednesday 7th June?

I’d be interested if there’s more space

I am doing one next week.
Wednesday at 7 ? If that’s no good I will let you know who is interested and you can decide a date yourselves.

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7th June at seven?