Bike Tools + Bike Zone

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Hey All!

During the recent move of metal working we went around and consolidated all the bike tools and equipment and stored it in the corner of the messy room where metal used to be.

We have agreed that that will be the new bike tool storage area, including the wall behind the door to the clean room. And use the new and improved messy room for bike works when required!

@hernehillier and I (@charlesmein) have vollenteered as Bike techs and will look after the tools and equipment.]

Likewise if anyone has any bike mechanical questions or needs a hand with anything, please give us a shout! Always happy to help.

Ive noted all tools we already have;

-X2 Bike work stands
-X1 Wheel truing stand
-X3 chain whip
-X1 cassette wrench
-X1 Shimano BB tool
-X1 chain tool
-X2 crank pullers
-Various wrenches
-Old spoke key
-Allen key incomplete set but enough for most bike applications
-Spanners incomplete set but enough for most bike applications
-Chain wear gauge

  • Toepeak Joe Blow track pump
  • Gloves

Lubes + Greases:
-Mucoff 94 spray
-Tf2 Teflon assembly grease

-Various cassette lock rings

And tools/lubes required:

  • Spanner set
  • Pliers/grips
  • Side cutters
  • Assembly grease
  • Dry lube
  • Wet lube
  • Proper tyre lever set
  • Multi tool
  • Torque wrench set
  • Box of fasteners
  • Zip ties
  • Blue roll




Ensure all tools are returned to their respective boxes after use. Likewise all stands, pumps and other equipment is packed away and returned to its home after use.