Bike repair advice - do we have the tools in the Space?

Recently got my bike out – in response to traffic increases, local road changes…and the nagging realisation that having a vehicle encourages you to drive everywhere

Anyway, among a bunch of ailments (seems to slip on the bag gear cog, doesn’t change gears reliably…) there’s a possibly serious one…

The central bearing started to grind and squeal a few weeks ago…I know they’re meant to be sealed units, but I got some silicone lubricant in there and it quietened down…but I’m not sure it’s going to last

So: do we have the tool(s) to open this up and replace the parts? And what tools/techniques do I need? I last worked on bikes when I was 14…so some of it may eventually come back to me…


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Yes, there a box in the Metal rack that has the bike tools in.

I believe there’s the bottom bracket tool in that lot. if not a chain wrench is careful application of the mole grips will get the ring off


I bought a crank puller for that purpose and you’ll need to get new ball bearings which are probably the cause of all that grinding.

Importantly also check cables - change the breaking ones (squirt oil in the sleeve too).

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