Big screen in one of the areas?

Hi Techs and Members,

Anyone have any ideas where the old big screen could be of good use in the space?


want it for your area?

Otherwise we should get rid of it…


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Interactive coffee table ?

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TV Top Gaming?

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monitor for the hard of seeing

The textiles area?

@textilestechs any interest?

Sorry! Coming to this a bit late. Is this still available? What is it actually - is it a TV - and what can it play? Can we stream things on it via the wifi? (Sorry - I know - I’m not very technical!).

If we can stream on it - then yes would be great for textile area so we could run craft sessions rom online courses

Yea its a TV, we can plug in a chomecast or something so you can stream to it… sounds like it could work! Let me know where in the area on the wall and we can set it up?

Yes, sounds great. Not sure which wall will suit it best - I’ll have a look next time I’m in

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There is wired internet available on the formal wall of wires

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