Big Plywood - 18mm Hardwood

Big plywood used by my ex’s dad to make a wardrobe which I don’t want, it’s all screwed together, not glued, so will easily come apart. Tricky to transport but I could probably take it to the space one way or another, piece at a time.

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I could do with one chunk of that ply to make a couple of table saw jigs.

It might all fit in my car if we cut it in half? Where in London are you?

Near Nandos in Brixton

If they can be cut in half I can come pick them all up

I don’t have a way of cutting them safely, I do have a circular saw but it was left here by the person who felt comfortable using it I do not feel comfortable using it

I could use a hacksaw?

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Anyway you want to chop it up works for me, It just needs to fit in my car with a closed boot, modern cars don’t like doors/boots to be open when driving :smiley:

What’s the maximum length you can fit? Just to know what needs to be cut

also as a note the biggest part is about 90cm wide

160cm long by 100 wide max at my end

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these should fit

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do you think you’ll be wanting these? I might be able to send them to someone on olio otherwise

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@Maz nice :sunglasses:
I can collect it tomorrow afternoon and bring it to the space, if you’re about.

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All the sheets will fit in the van as is.
Once the ply is at Makerspace, I’m happy to negotiate with @Dorine about where it belongs😍

@maz 17:00?

works for me! I also would like to tag a couple for use in the makerspace, was planning on fixing up some stuff I have

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:+1: I’ll msg

Thanks :slight_smile:


Is this up for grabs? Or some of it?