Bicycle Maintenance Teaching Session - Postponed due to low interest

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(Tom Kirkman) #1

Hi all,

I think it’s time for another one of these! I Propose to run this from 6pm until 10pm as a drop in session with loose early/late slots. I will bring my tools, another workstand, and some basic spares. If you know that you will need a particular item, please bring it along. I also suggest that you pick a particular maintenance task that you would like to learn. I can’t promise that your whole bike will be fixed/serviced in this group teaching session. I intend this as a skills sharing opportunity.

There should be space for 6 if you’re spread out over the evening. On previous occasions two bikes in stands and one on the floor has filled the front-of -house space. Add your name to the list below.

Looking forward to it!

1.(6-8pm) - @dsikar
2.(6-8pm) - name
3.(6-8pm) - name
4.(8-10pm) - @boldaslove
5.(8-10pm) - name
6.(8-10pm) - name

(Ed Yeboah) #2

I have a few skills to share, I could come along to help if you might need it.

(Dermot Jones) #3

Remember that this is open evening…that said it’s good to have activities happening

(Tom Kirkman) #4

Great! That’d be much appreciated. Let’s see what the response is.

(Tom Kirkman) #5

@edd @dsikar I’m going to have to postpone this until the fair weather cyclists come out! I’d like at least 4-5 to run as it’s quite a big effort to cart all my kit over to the space.

I’ll keep you posted.

(Dermot Jones) #6

That’s a shame, let’s try a wider publicity drive next time? Get it in a newsletter, do a mailshot?

(Martin John Finch) #7

I think the problem was that the original post “fell off” Discourse quickly - I couldn’t even find it myself by scrolling down. Next time, perhaps we can “pin” the post so people see it over a longer time period, just like we do with the meetings?

(Dermot Jones) #8

Yes, we can put it in the calendar too

(Tom Kirkman) #9

Noted. The last ones in the summer were easy to fill, I’ll wait a few weeks then see if I can drum up some interest. Thanks for your help!

(Gilbert Townshend) #10

Ah, I didn’t even see this, I would be up for the next one!

(Oli Passey) #11

Likewise, i didnt see the post in time - i dont check here regularly enough yet.
Perhaps we could put our names down for a notify list for next time?

(Chanelle) #12

Same I didn’t see this- sorry, I would be interested.

(Ed Yeboah) #13

How about holding it at the festival?

(Petra) #14

same here.