Best machine for cutting wood shapes? CNC?

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Hi Ladies/Gents, Is CNC machine the best tool for cutting shapes in wood. For example if I want to cut a leaf shape out of flat piece of wood? Is there some other tool that I am not aware of that could do the job better?

I am looking to buy something. Are they difficult to learn?

If anyone uses one, is there a model you would recommend?

Thank you.

hi Ryan,

as far as my experience goes, you can use the CNC for sure, but also use the scroll saw,the hand saw, you can hand carve it…

Hi Ryan,

If you want to do this by (machine) hand then the scroll saw would be a good option and probably the easiest in terms of learning to use as it’s basically just a machine driven fret/coping saw.

I am pretty sure we have a scroll saw at the space but if you were planning on buying one then I have one that I don’t have space to use and so you’re welcome to borrow it, and maybe buy it if you want to? It would be a very reasonable price as it’s quite old but works perfectly well and I’d rather have it used by someone than just sit there…

Let me know if this interests you, like I say you can borrow it initially if you want to and then see if you want to keep it?

If you are interested I can show you photos and then depending on where you are we can work out how to get it to you or I can give it to you at the space?

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Hi, Thanks. It’s an offer I will consider seriously. I will do some research into a scroll saw does and see if it will serve my needs.

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Hi Federico,

If I have a leaf shape as an example, could I ask the CNC machine to cut 5 pieces of those? Or is that only possible in more advanced (expensive versions)?

Is there such a thing as laser wood saw or cutter? I think I saw something like that online.


Hi Ryan,

immediately coming to mind, and depending on goals, there’s:

  1. CNC
  2. scroll saw
  3. laser cutter
  4. template and router
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oh yes… i forgot about the laser cut … you can do that too.

if you are inducted in the mini cnc and you have the shape, You can definitely cut it with it, if not grab me next time we are both in the space and i can help you with that

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