Bespoke Midi controller

(Duck) #1

Using Teensy and a LOT of multiplexers to build something to control all my music gear…
Not quite fully operational yet, but the box I cut at the space is looking good!

(electrotech) #2


(Mike Kelly) #3

Looks good! Is it painted ply or acrylic?
Is that buttons above the faders? Any specific plans for what they will control?
I wonder if it’s possible to find rubber pad-type buttons- they could be a good option where you have the arcade-style buttons at the bottom. (And have velocity sensitivity?)
I got an MPC Touch going cheap on ebay and the pads are great. On the other hand, it has rubber buttons for all the other controls which aren’t so great.

(Duck) #4

it’s acrylic (fancy matt effect acrylic, which as it turns out soaks up paint really badly and I will never use again!)

for each channel:

top pot is filter resonance
next pot is hi/lo pass filter cutoff
the next three buttons down send 100% to effects returns (delay/Spring reverb/something else) (and should light up when activated if I know what I’m doing!)
fader for channel gain
then the arcade buttons are solo’s for each channel

then over to the right, there are some buttons for ableton navigation, so I can trigger clips which control which patterns the Sequencer is playing with PGM Change messages.

basically - it all hooks up to ableton live so I can use that to dub mix the outputs of an external sequencer/drum machine and three synths.

I am using this teensy library, which makes it all very simple code wise;

This guy seems to have had success DIY-ing MPC style pads…

(Mike Kelly) #5

OK, nice. I have been exploring the use of dedicated hardware for music making, after working with software for a long time, so I can see the value of controllers like this. I built a monome years ago, and have been exploring modular, but I must say the MPC is also really inspiring to use, and is a good bridge between software and hardware. They have a new stand-alone one which is more Ableton-like with clips and scenes, but quite expensive.

Good find on the DIY pads, I may use that in a future project.

(Duck) #6

Likewise have just got into using more hardware in the last few years…

I just bought an MPC500 for it’s portability actually! haven’t quite got to grips with it yet, but the little go I had the other day made me think about maybe replacing my current sequencer with an MPC1000 at some point…

That MPC Force thing does look fun too!