Belt Sander needs new drive belt

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Belt sander needs a new drive belt- not the sanding kind…

Heres the model:

I will see if I can find one…

Well the gearbox sounds like its about to explode… which is probably why the belt chewed up…

So someone needs to rebuild it or we need a new one… putting out of order for now…


Belts are like £14, but the gearbox is messed up on ours… (sounds awful and the shaft wiggles all over when spun by hand)

A used replacement of the whole tool is £35:

Or we just get something completely different? Thoughts?

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@woodtechs and @Ryanf any thoughts?

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Isnt titan a cheapo? Why not to get a better make and have this as a spare for being fixed?

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Up to techs, don’t think we even bought this one?

Yea, I think we should replace it andget something better… not sure this is fixable- and probably not smart to buy another cheapo one…

I left that sander in the workshop because Hitachi one was faulty. It’s done good for a cheap tool but we should concentrate on fixing the Hitachi or replacing it

Almost all of the hand tools are broken beyond repair are you need to get in touch with Hitachi and see if they will replace the lot.

I also Condemned both routers last night


Not adding anything new here. We could probably repair it as a project, but might be better to get a new one as there’s no guarantee the fix will work and how long it’ll breathe life for.


Yep I am in favour of replacing with something better made. The problem with a lot of the power tools in the workshop is they are weekend warrior diy tools and not made to be used the way they do in our workshop.

We need to go forward with good quality trade worthy tools that are made to take some abuse,
Makita, dewalt, festool, Milwaukee etc

There should not be a place for parkside, titan, erbauer. Etc In a workshop that is used by so many members.

Same with the routers,

One thing that should be taken into consideration(especially with sanders) is dust extraction. We should really be going for ‘M’ class dust extraction that can be used with an individual tool, especially sanders.

Throwing it out there. Not so sure a belt sander is the best choice either …… personally o hate them with a passion!

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@joeatkin2 suggested speaking again with Hitachi(today Hikoki) as they have supported us, I had a look but didn’t see palm routers in their catalogue. Eventhough they seem to have 1/4 and 1/2, the 1/4 seems too robust? I deem Makita 1/4 real nice and am in favour slms purchasing exactly the same replacement.

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I checked and the contact Mark and I had at Hikoki (Nick, who got us the big chop saw) has moved on

So we need to look for a new contact

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