BBC Coverage of Climate Change

Hi all,

In a rash moment I made an online petition.
The idea is to get the BBC to step up its coverage of climate change issues.
When they were finally brave enough to talk about plastics pollution in Blue Planet it made a big dent in the public consciousness.

I’m now facing the distinct possibility that noone is going to sign the petition and that it will immediately disappear :blush: I don’t do social media so I need help in getting the word out!

If you agree with it please sign and spread the word. It is not a commitment to any particular side of the argument. Just a call to start a proper conversation.


Signed and shared on Twitter

Good luck

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@mikekelly Hi Mike, I’m Edwina. I coincidentally work for BBC Weather (as a designer). I can promise these requests are being heard and action is being taken. Only yesterday I watched a Stacey Dooley documentary looking at the effects fast fashion is having on the environment and people in the production regions.

Best of luck with your petition!



Great, thanks Edwina, and Dermot for tweeting!