Bandsaw to slice card tubing into 1” or 2” pieces

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Hi, I’ll be at SLMS this Wednesday 11th afternoon. I don’t think I can use the bandsaw (I’ve done the basic induction). If anyone’s around I’ll buy you a can of Guinness if you can slice up a piece of cardboard tubing for me. Just cutting through it around 20 times it to make ‘rings’ (they’re going to be bracelets). Thankyou! (If no one around I’ll just use a hand saw.)

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I can be in in the evening.

OK Great I’ll be at the Sewing Evening later aswell so I’ll be around…

Not sure about what that tube would be like, but cutting cardboard with a saw often tears and is a messy cut. If there is super sharp very fine tooth saw, that might be ok. I don’t think there are any in the space (?). If had one, it would be slow and tedious. If the Dremel has a suitable circular blade, that might possibly do the trick. Diamond wire is another alternative- cuts better and straighter (I can spare some and leave it in the space and lend my cut-proof gloves if you like). The option I’d consider is the laser cutter, especially if Petra is available to help with that.

OK thanks Dan.

Hi Elizabeth, I will be in for a short while around 3pm. Will show you how to do it then. Best, P.

Be careful cutting round things on the bandsaw, I generally prefer the mitre saw.
The bandsaw will want to rotate the piece significantly and can cause catches and buckle blades. As the cut is happening on an unsupported face.