Bambu Labs A1 Mini on sale

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Hi all, I noticed the Bambu A1 Mini 3D Printer is currently on sale for £169, which is £100 off its usual price. The catch is you need to pre-order and delivery will be “before 23 August”.

I was recently inducted on the Bambu X1 Carbons and tried my first couple of prints the other day, and now I’m hooked. So I’ve gone and bought an A1 Mini so I can do longer, more detailed prints over night.

From everything I’ve heard it seems this is the current printer to beat - and that’s based on people who paid $300/£270 for it! It has most of the same techy features as the X1 such as vibration compensation, noise cancelling, flow rate compensation, auto bed levelling and calibration, built in camera and also very similar print speed and quality. The bonus is that it’s really compact. Print size is a bit smaller at 180mm cubed vs 256mm cubed for the X1 but that’s not an issue for things I want to print.

Bambu seem to be the ‘Apple’ of 3D printing, because their machines just work straight out the box and are well constructed with good tech support. It can also print colour with the AMS lite combo kit if that’s your thing - although it does take up more space.

Anyway, thought I’d give a heads up as this seems to be a good way into 3D printing, especially at the sale price.

Which is £140.80 ex VAT. What do @3dtechs think of getting one of these? If there’s space it could ease demand on the X1 as the build volume is fine for a lot of jobs. It could perhaps replace the Prusa which is hardly ever used.

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I think we are fine at the moment with what we have. We aren’t continuously capped on the current machines and this would introduce a separate set of replacement parts that we would need to look at stocking. THe Prusa is defunct at the moment really, only useful as a back up if all the others go down. The enclosed x1’s add to the print reliability, and capability whilst reducing exposed moving parts to dust etc. Think its better to stick with these for high usage machines.

We also have plans for something else in the future for possible experimental printing. We already have the work horses, now for dancing dressage horse!