Back in the 'Space - and bike electrification

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Thanks to Graham for hosting on Saturday afternoon, which he did with thoroughness and aplomb. I really enjoyed being back in the Space after so long - it felt great. Huge credit to those who have kept the place clean and “the lights turned on” over this time. Condition was generally good, I peeked though the window of the woodshop and it looked tidier than I have ever seen it! I had not seen the outdoor making space before, it looks great and is a real addition even after Covid restrictions have been lifted. Canopy Brewery should be grateful for providing extra seating for their customers, but I suppose there is not much we can do about that.

My project was installing a Swych Bike electrification kit on my hybrid bike. Praise to whoever initiated the crowd funder for buying the Park Tools pro stand (I contributed, but cannot remember who suggested it) which makes a real difference; try it for your own bike repairs, you will love it. Tools were mostly where they should have been. If you are interested, I made a quick video for some friends who are interested in the kit installation, you are welcome to watch it at: If you are considering a similar kit, it will give some insight into fitting an electic kit onto your bike. Stay tuned for future episodes…


This is a great video!
Did you get it through the campaign or did you order it afterwards?
I wonder how strong the motor is with 250W.

I am looking forward to the next video!

Thank you. Yes, I ordered it through last year’s campaign. It took about 5 months to arrive, understandable during Covid I suppose.

Re. the motor, I had doubts about a 250W motor as well, but so far so good. Of course, a more powerful motor would be larger, heavier and require more battery capacity = larger, heavier etc. It is definitely a pedal assist device, not one to support great speeds (which are illegal anyway in the UK) or climbing steep hills at speed. But for normal use, it’s fine. I’m still testing battery life; I think their claim of 35km is a little optimistic, but will measure actual use in the next few weeks so we will see.

Video part 2 showing completion of assembly AND a test ride is at:

Enjoy and thanks for the response