Attention users of Ruby (Trotec alternative to JobControl)

Hi. I upgraded the software on Wednesday.

On the Prepare screen there is now a timer button.
Once you select your material, you can press the button to get a time estimate.

Several people have asked if you can add many designs to the job (i.e. import several files and cut them all at once).
Turns out you can’t do this on the Design screen, but you can on the Prepare screen.

  1. Open each file in the design screen.
  2. Make any changes required.
  3. Press Create Job.
  4. Return to the Design screen and repeat for any files
  5. On the Prepare screen, drag and drop multiple jobs from the left sidebar onto the grid.

Thanks Brendon - 2 significant changes that I have definitely been wanting!

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Probably something I am doing wrong but I couldn’t connect to Ruby at slms-05.local:2402/ from within the SLMS network via wifi… Is it possible that our Ruby application is down? Or do I have to start it somewhere?

The laser PC has to be switched on, and fully booted - Ruby runs on that machine :+1:


You also have to ensure that the laser control is pointing to Ruby and not JobControl.
Notification tray (bottom right)
Right click on Ruby icon
Laser Mode = Ruby