Attention laser users - settings test cards

Hi all

I am creating a test card to help users find the “right” settings for their job.
Like this one:

Originally I was just going to use the above card and configure it for Ruby.
However, Trotec has some additional settings, and this card doesn’t include a kerf/press-fit test.
I want to make it as compact as possible so that we don’t use a lot of material for each test.

Before I create the card, I thought I’d ask you what you want to include.
Please suggest both modifications to the tests below, or additional items that you would like to include.
If you use materials like paper, leather etc, are there specific tests that you would want to include?

So far I am thinking of:

  1. The smallest round or square hole that will cut through the specific material and thickness
    A series of holes from 0.25mm diameter up to 5mm

  2. The kerf correction for a specific combination of cut settings + material + thickness
    A kerf testing tool

  3. Vector fill engrave outcomes for different speed / power / frequency settings
    Rows of blocks (this colour wheel takes up too much space)

  4. Vector outline engrave outcomes for various line thicknesses
    A series of lines from hairline to 1mm thick

  5. Bitmap image outputs
    A sample image output once or multiple times with different settings.
    I need some help with preparing this one, as I don’t have a lot of experience with engraving (actually, none).

  6. Font engraving outputs
    Some text in Arial from 6pt to 12pt AND in a single-line/CNC font in a variety of sizes and line thicknesses

  7. Living hinge flexibility tests
    Using these samples

I’ll prepare Ruby settings so that anyone can open the test design and output it using any material. We can then store the sheets in the space for users to reference.


That looks pretty comprehensive. I was going to suggest cardboard too. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Yes, the idea is to make a test sheet for each material+thickness variant that we stock, and to provide support for people to make the same for any material they want to use.


For leather i think engraving would be good. The settings will vary a lot from leather to leather, but having a good base would be good for engraving at least.

For cutting i think it’s a little bit more complicated.

Let me know if you need help when i come back for holiday.

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Here are my first 2 attempts at creating Laser test cards so that users can determine power, speed, frequency, dpi and kerf parameters for their chose material and thickness.

I’m going to post a wiki with the files and instructions as soon as I have done a few more tests. The object on the right is a kerf gauge.

Would anyone like to work with me on creating and testing these?


Hi Brendon,

I’d be interested in helping.

It may be worth doing a focal test before if it hasn’t been done in a while.

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Good point. I don’t even know how to do that! More to research!


Do you mean alignment of the mirrors and the correct distance from lens to materials surface? @brendon_hatcher you know how to do that!

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I THINK it’s cutting like it needed to be further away by a smidgen.

Should there be some window cutouts in the middle where we select different cut settings to find the minimum power that will cut consistently through?

@Amit_Kohli Yes. My thinking is one card for engraving (since sheet thickness has no bearing - I think) and another card specific to each sheet thickness that tests cut.

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We can meet up and I can walk you through it. :+1: