Armchair Part 2

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Been revisiting the armchair I made at the space a year or so ago - fancied trying out bending via lamination so I’ve made it into a rocking chair.

The glue up was a bit of a faff but overall I’m really happy with the result, after a few coats of wax it has a very natural look - managed to avoid the plywood appearance I was worried about.

Started by tracing out a big radius on a piece of plywood that used to be the floor in arch 2, then attached 5 blocks of 2x4 to serve as clamping points. The whole jig then needed to be wrapped in package tape and cling film to prevent the lamination from attaching to it as the glue dried.

Then, on the band saw I cut my 45*45 lengths into ~2mm thickness strips and laid them out, fortunately as the radius is quite large I didn’t need to go to thin with these.

Next, a couple of very messy glue ups regluing all the layers together, added a round over and they were looking reasonably good. Cut in some notches to attach to the original chair, as I wanted to be able to remove the rockers and go back to how the chair previously was.

Overall a pretty fun mini project, already thinking of more ways to add curves into future projects. Only tips I have is to mark your wood in some way before slicing into strips, so you can put the slices back together in the correct order - this makes it look much nicer as the grains match up neatly.


Looks great. Was the wood meranti? Any reason using bandsaw over tablesaw for the 2mm strips?

Some sapele actually, I did consider using the table saw but with so many cuts the wider kerf of the saw blade would have eaten up quite a bit of the final thickness

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Looks great! Thanks for sharing

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