Arduino wifi

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Does anyone know much about arduino wifi / wireless/ webserver I am using nano 33 iot for a few projects at the moment and would like to have a chat if anyone is around.

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Hi Bushra! I’ve been noodling with an adafruit wifi board, so maybe can answer a few questions? :grin:

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Hey thanks for getting back to me. I am using the nano 33 iot to send data back and forth to unity game object. It does not disconnect etc and also on the unity console of the c# script it seems get too many error messages and then acts weird. To note on the arduino side have used the standard simple webserver example - nothing fancy. I have also been looking arduino makr1000 - seems to be an improvement on nano iot ? , BLYNK app and also Arduino cloud as well … so wanted a chat about the merits of trying to go completely online to even control iot etc, but I can’t get my head around it

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ps on a different note just had a look at your blog on AI speculative future stuff - would also love to have a chat about that !

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Wow, lots to unpack there! I’ll do my best!
Hit me with whatever, arduino code, errors in your C# script, I’ll do my best!

And thank you for your interest, I presume you’re talking about my AI podcast, You better believe I’m happy to chat about that! DM me!

@Bushra_Burge I once looked into using arduino for wifi but found it a bit too faffy. In the end Raspberry pi was easier since it has a full proper OS that you can use python with (and included web libraries). If you are just starting out, maybe that is an easier starting point?

An ESP8266 board might be better: built in wi-fi, pretty much Arduino-compatible, more powerful etc. But I defer to the electronics makers on this